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Help! Help With First Wing Design


Well-known member
I have recently been working on a design for Flite Fest combat and was able to maiden my wing design. The basic structure of the wing is a box slightly larger than a FT power pack, which is designed to hold a power pack C with two FT spear wings on the side of the box.

Now here is the problem.

So I had my dad toss the wing and I just kinda let the wing stay on the same trajectory it was tossed at. So it flew fine until I start to put input into the controls, then as soon as I pitch up a little bit the nose of the plane gets shoved down and although it is possible to bring it back up and fly a very up and down flight I don't think this is how a plane works.

I have put thought into what the problem might be but I thought I would put it out here for any more advice.

Jackson T

Elite member
I tried to design a plank plane once, and it had a similar pitch instability problem. After checking out the FT Goblin, I think my plane didn't work because I put the CG in the "normal" 25-35% range instead of the goblin's 10% or so. Maybe try shifting the CG forward (if you do, you'll probably need some more reflex to compensate). Good luck!