Help with new radio purchase


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I have been in the hobby for about a year. I recently purchased a FC and wanted to try out the INAV, but unfortunately my flysky i6 radio doesn't have as many channels as I need to set up modes in INAV. So after reaserch I found boxer tx made by Radiomster, but there are a few things that I dont quite understand. First I understood that it is better to get 4 in 1 module. Is that right. Will I be able to use all of those 17 channels for INAV modes (switching from ACRO to MANUAL, HORIZON,RTH, FAILSAFE, AUTOTRIM and so on) with my 6ch receiver that came with the flysky i6 radio or do I need a different rx. If I would need a different rx, could you please recommend me some because I am lost?