Help! Help with the DF Alula


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I am thinking of buying the Dream Flight Alula TREK because of it's many benefits, but there were some important things that I need to know that nobody is really talking about, so I thought I'd ask them here:
- Can I use a 1s lipo battery instead of the Nicad battery that is reccomended?

- Can I use 9 gram servos instead of the smaller ones that Dream Flight reccomends?

- Can I use a FlySky FS-R9B 8 channel receiver with the Alula TREK?

- What could I do to secure the wings on instead of tape, but then still be able to discus launch it relatively hard?

- Do I really need a battery extension?

-What are the dimensions of the box that comes with it?

- Would it be possible to add a rudder to the Alula TREK?

I believe that these are most of the questions the I need answered for now. I will probably think of more tommorrow, but this will do for now. All help will be much appreciated, and as always, happy flying!

P.S. Please post your paint jobs here because I am still deciding how I am going to paint it.