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Here is the f22 all finished ......cg????

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I am ready to fly this war baby.......only trouble is I dont know the cg point....the dimensions are identical to the FT build and I have a large strip of hook and eye on one side of the fuse to experiment but i would rather know it for definite before I launch 6 hours of work in the air....any one know the dimensions...I have looked on the tube but no luck!!!


Full Circle
um... this is not that much help, but I just built a scaled down chuck glider version and my CG was right at the end of the bottom fuselage/cockpit piece of foam.

You can chuck glide your plane just to make sure perhaps. Unless you already did so.
Looks great! - Nice work. With the COG as long as it is forward of the centre of lift you should generally be fine. As Teflyer said, chuck it with and see what she does. If it all nose up and porposing then add a little weight to the front till you get a nice smooth glide.


More combat please...
16 inches back or just ahead of the prop slot.
This plane works well with CG in a wide range.
Just ahead of the prop slot there seems to work fine for most people.