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Pumpkin drop event

Hey, Watch This!!!

So a buddy of mine and me were out flying the other day. Unusually warm and calm weather for the winter time too. We had been flying for about 2 hours and decided to pull out old trusty. The Parkzone T-28.

One thing lead to another and we started taking photos. Then we decided to get some photos of it on approach and then some closeups in the air.

T-28 Photos

Things went well until we decided to get creative. We wanted to get some up close inverted shots and that is when John decided to say it. Yes he did, "Hey, watch this!". The airplane approached and then flipped upside down to do a beautiful pass. As it passed, I snapped a photo and missed the shot. As I turned around to tell him that I didn't get the shot, I hear a loud THUD. Here is the result.


Upon inspection of the damage, we found out that the entire front end was ripped off and basically shredded. The weird thing is that the thin plastic cowl was not harmed nor the propellor or motor. All of the electronics were ripped out but still good too.

Since then, we have done a complete rebuild of it and it looks wonderful. The blog for the entire build can be found at:

Wade's RC Blog

The reason that I did not do the blog on here is because I spent a lot of time on the blog and don't want to redo it. There will also be a more detailed video on the rebuild on my youtube channel listed below in the signature.

Thanks for checking it out.

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Thanks Colorex...I want to really make that blog good. I have some good stuff coming up too. It will also have videos about the blogs and other stuff on my youtube channel.