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Help! HGLRC F428 4 in 1 ESC unable to read in BlHeli Configurator and only get 3 boot beeps

Hello all,
I am in the process of trying to finish up a Peon 230 build. I opted for the HGLRC F428 FC and ESC stack along with a Spektrum SPM 4648 receiver and Spektrum DX6i transmitter however I have run into some problems with it. I am able to fully configure the controller through Beta Flight to include the receiver tab where it shows proper input from the controller. The problem is when the battery is plugged in I only get the first three boot "beeps" which if I understand the BlHeli manual correctly this indicates the lack of throttle signal as well as the throttle not being set to min. In Beta flight config the throttle min =1070 while the stick low threshold is set to 1080. Arm is configured through the modes tab however when I "arm" the motors I receive a red ARM Disabled displayed on the arm tab. CLI indicated "CLI, MSP and ARMSWITCH" so that looks correct. On top of this, BlHeli Configurator will connect but when read setup is selected it shows reading setup and reading setup finished but doesn't display the ESC's. Below is a copy of the log
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- Serial port successfully opened with ID: 3
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- MultiWii API version received - 1.42.0
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- Flight controller info, identifier: BTFL, version: 4.1.3
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- Running firmware released on: Jan 16 2020 11:34:23
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- Board: S411, version: 0
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:35 -- Unique device ID received - 0x3b0034424d501520383654
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:38 -- Reading setup
2020-01-27 @ 00:04:38 -- Reading setup finished

I've tried using BlHeli Suite and receive this error "Serial Interface "m4wFCIntf" connected successfully. Connection to ESC #1 failed! Please check data- und power- connections to the ESC!
Any help will be greatly appreciated...I'm running out of ideas.
Well I finally was able to solve this issue and get the drone flying. It ended up being a firmware issue in that I had loaded the wrong firmware when I updated the flight controller after building the drone. HGLRC flight controllers come up with firm ware loads in Beta flight and I had assumed that the F411 FW would be the same as the F428 FW but I was wrong. Turns out the F428 needs the Omnibus (AirB) firm ware. Cyclone FPV is the only HGLRC authorized dealer in the states and Tarek at Cyclone was great. He was able to remote in to my computer and reconfigure everything to get the drone up and running. Its awesome to see it finally fly as I have been trying to get this thing built for almost a year now.