Hi everyone..


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Hello, guys..
My name is Sukmoduto, I'm from Indonesia..
I found the FliteTest channel on youtube about 2 months ago just after I found David's channel and site (RCExplorer.se) and I've been following them ever since..

I especially fell in love with multicopters and have this dream of filming beautiful scenery of mountains and beaches here in Indonesia..
The problem is I absolutely blank about RC and aeromodelling. FliteTest really help me by introducing those things in a really simple yet fun way.
Hopefully I'll be able to get the stuff to build a multicopter (or some) soon ~ it's kinda difficult to buy stuff you guys recommend here in Indonesia. Not to mention I don't have a credit card, but I'll find a way..

Anyway, that's my introduction. You guys just keep up the great-great work here and I really wish someday you guys (FliteTest AND the forum) could visit Indonesia and doing some FPV-ing (is that how you called it?) here.. The natural scene is really-really beautiful here..

Best regards,


P.S. I hope I didn't make any grammar mistake here. If I did, sorry.. :p
Your grammar is better than most English speakers, don't worry a bit about it.

Welcome to the forum and hope you can find all the information that you need :)