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Greetings from a fellow noob!

I've been watching this hobby as for at least 8 or 9 months before a coworker finally convinced me to give it a try. At this point I can only thank him for getting me initiated in the hobby and already pumped up to build my first drone. I must say it has been a bumpy road to me since after kinda "Mastering" my JJRC H31, I decided to buy an EACHINE EB 185 and it was the mistake that got the ball rolling. After very little fly time with the EB 185 the NAZE 32 got bricked for some reason, I found a way to short the FC but Eachine had merged and re-arranged all the components in one circuit board (including the ESC, magnetometer, beeper, etc...) making it impossible to unbrick it and finally trashing $180. I was so upset this happened to me I started a YouTube channel (https://goo.gl/7G27mw) and documented the problem to warn people to think twice before buying that specific drone. So it occurred to me I could use the motors, propellers, RX, VTX and on board camera to start a build that would be just like the EB 185 but rather how it should have been in first place. Lets call it angered revenged... or "looking for redemption".

After months of research I've learned so much about the electronics and components I need to put the quad together and I think I got it figured out for the most part.

I'm stuck at the most simple yet less documented subject in the web and here is where I hope you guys can point me in the right direction:

Motor assembling:
This are 1806 2300KV and the screws used in the original build are too short for the new frame (Tweaker 180 4mm bottom plate).

Where can I get the same diameter and thread screws but a little longer so it can grab the motor?

Check my videos in YouTube, I will post all my progress with this build there!
Let me know what you guys think!

Thank you all!