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hiya and anyone reccomend a camera vtx combo for the arrow for under 50


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hiya my names antonio and if you want to know more about me check out my profile ive loved rc scince i was 3 and ive just gotten into building speedbuildkits and i was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for a good camera vtx combo for under $50 for the ft arrow. perferably plug and fly because im very bad at soldering and im only 13. any input would be apreciate thank you bye!


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Hello Antonio Welcome to Flite Test.

There are many many threads on this subject and even more opinions regarding what is good and what is good enough. I will not get into that battle but I will offer some things to consider before you buy your gear.

I am more a Multi Rotor pilot so I tend to fly close and can get away with small 25 mw units but I do have some variable power ones as well. Things you need to think about before making a decision is that fixed wing tend to not stay close to the pilot so in most cases 25 mw is way to weak for safe flying with fixed wing. Then comes the fact with the cheaper the gear the less accurate it will be due to the lesser quality engineering and components used in making them. Then finally you have to think about the legalities and responsibilities of using any FPV gear as they all require a HAM licence to use legally. The very few F.C.C. certified VTX are not even strong enough to viable fly a tiny whoop in the living room let alone anything over any distance at all so they are most definitely out the the question for fixed wing use.

Now that all said MANY people just grab their gear and go fly at their own risk and have no problems if they are responsible how they use it. Just be aware if you make that choice there can be heavy repercussions should you not use them properly and respectfully if someone has a problem and seeks to stop what you are doing. Not trying to scare you but just to let you know about things you may not know or have not thought about. In any case good luck and I hope you get to enjoy the hobby in any way you wish to do so.


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Acrokid, welcome to FT!!! I’m not aware of any PNF options for a 3S setup (assuming that’s what you fly your arrow on), but it would be very easy to make one that plugs directly into a 3S balance plug if you had all the right parts to solder together.

You could also run an AIO off a small 1S lipo. It will not have the clearest picture, but it’s totally flyable.
For example this 25mW to 200mW Cam/VTX (maybe get the one with the circular antenna) - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XXWVQPG/ref=twister_B075WNSPB4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
This 1S lipo will plug in directly - https://www.amazon.com/Turnigy-nano...=UTF8&qid=1508508638&sr=1-20&keywords=1S+lipo

If you want some specific ideas, let us know. Are you currently in the US or France (for shipping purposes)?
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thank you

thank you for your imput. i do not plan on any long range flying as my feild is about 200m by 200m i think im not to good with distances. i do have a micro aio,vtx camera combo for whoops and im not sure if this can handle the distance so im just looking for something that can operate in a 200m by 2000m space. once again thank you for your imput and have a great day!


still learning acro

im curently in france and i have a tiny whoop camera micro vtx combo thing that i was thinking about useing but im not sure if it has good enough range ill run it off a seperate 1 cell 220 probably my feild is about 200m by 200m btw thanks bye!


still learning acro
oh one more thing to add. tomarrow is the maden flight of the arrow and i was gona have a buddy at the feild watch the camera veiw from my micro aio camera vtx for tinywhoops on a monitor and tell me how the signal looks while i fly. btw to clear up i will not be watching the feed on the maden flight XD