Solved Camera recommendation for the FT Gremlin? (or any recommendations on a first quad build)


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I'm relatively new to the whole RC hobby, I've flown lots of prebuilt things, but I want to learn how to build my things because it seems like a way to get a reliable build without spending a lot of money? On the FT Gremlin, it looks promising, but I want an FPV drone. I can't decide on a camera because I don't know the dimensions of the camera cage. So I'm turning to the greatest community I know of, anyone have any insight on my problem?


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The Caddx Ratel is a good camera, as is the Foxeer Predator, Mini and Micro size can easily be made to fit most frames, you just have to be a bit more creative with mounting hardware sometimes. They come with some in the box.
There‘s lots of prebuilt alternatives to the Gremlin, many of them are well under 250g and less than $100. Check out toothpick size quads, the batteries for those are cheap too.