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HK 900 MHz 800mW camera bluescreen issue

I got the kit a week back. Powered everything up tested. Had to switch +ve and VOUT wires to get it to work. It seemed to work alright after that. A few days back I mounted it on my ArduCopter. It was randomly bluescreening. Came back and tested it extensively. First tried various positions of the quad and the RX/Tx. Couldn't get a fixed reason as to when it was doing it. First, I kept the rx stationary and moved the quad. It was bluescreening only when I moved the quad, not the Vrx. Removed it fro the quad. Still the same. After a while I figured. What's happening is that whenever the brightness changes too quickly, it can't seem to handle it and it blue screens. To confirm, I took out the lens, put my hand over the sensor window and removed my hand quickly. Doing this, it consistently bluescreens. Video goes out the moment I move my hand, and comes back a few seconds later. Sometimes, it refuses to come back. I'm quite sure I've eliminated the RX/Tx having any problems. Even if the camera's in one place, and I change orientation of the antennas, I'm getting video until I move the camera. Sometimes, even a sudden change in brightness isn't required. I've checked camera cables and all. I'll try to get my hands on another camera with video out to cross check.
Hope I've been able to explain the problem as I couldn't quite get a video of it. So, anyone had this kind of an issue? Is my camera faulty? Thanks for any help!