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Junior Member
good day guys!

I had just recently received said item. tried it and it worked right out of the box W/O the red/white wire swap. I think
HK have swapped them in their latest stock. I also have a spare 520TVL NTSC cam from a dome camera. And done a side by side comparison. The cam from the "dome" has slower(a bit) light response, HK cam better. dome cam put in darker environment, "color" is retained, HK cam goes "back-n-white". "dome cam" LENS has much wider FOV compared to HK, so I just wapped them, no problem. now HK cam has wider FOV.

Now I tried running the HK cam indoors, was quiet OK, until I directed it to outside window, it adjusted to compensate for higher brightness but BELOW the the window -> DARKNESS... I don't think THIS will bother me when I fly outdoors?!(I think).. so maybe there is some "auto backlight correction" set in OFF? (not sure)

anyways, I have also seen/browsed SONY super HAD ccd 600TVL w/c had OSD/plug-able keypad/switches, and wondering IF the 520TVL cam board could also incorporate this? the board has rows of pcb pad (I think it IS for that keypad).. I would like to try it if there is/or has OSD control/menu on said board.


only problem, I don't know how its wired. maybe those who have these sony ccd 600TVL could take pictures of the wiring harness/board?