HMB-235 Build.


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There's quite a few build logs knocking around on the forums lately, and I've been wanting to put this up for the last few weeks, but I think finally I've got everything close enough to me geographically speaking make it within the next few days without going berserk or waiting weeks for updates - I am not a patient man... lol

So, components are as follows:
This particular frame has made it's way from Virgina, via Illinois and had a short break in Minnesota before making it's British debut in London earlier today. I expect this will arrive within the next 48 hours - hopefully just in time to blast out a few batteries come the weekend. Not far now, just another ~200 miles! Watching the tracker has been gut wrenching, especially as it moved further and further away from the east coast!

Naze Acro.
This is an entirely new venture for me, so I've been looking at the differences between the Multiwii and Baseflight & Cleanflight, and I think I'm settled on Cleanflight with obviously the Naze Acro. The board has been tested via USB and is good to go and I've done the base soldering. I'll put up pictres in the next post.

30A BLHeli Opto ESCs
I decided to over ESC, while the 20's can support the 21A draw for a few seconds, if for any reason I blast my motors for longer than that the last thing I want is the legendary magical smoke. I still can't figure out why they have a ground wire in the servo connector, so I might strip this out to shed a tiny bit of weight

Cobra 2100kV 2206
I decided to go for the 2100's, on paper they just look too good to be true, though I can see them chewing up a few batteries with up to 21 Amp draw on a 4 Cell. I'll be running with stock 5x3 as I have loads of them knocking around but will upgrade once my back stock runs low - I don't expect that will take too long!

Turnigy A-Spec 1300 mAH, 60C static with 90C burst.
These should hopefully prevent power droop and puffing with some decent care, I've also got a parallel charge board to charge all five at once so I don't spend 5 hours charging for 30 minutes flying.

VOLO Power Distribution Board
I'll insulate this as best as possible using hot glue and electrical tape, last thing I want is a short.

Turnigy 3 in 1 Voltage / Lost Signal / Inactivity Buzzer
Because, well, I like audible confirmation my quad is about to blow up

Voltage Converter
I need this to power the ESC's, I could have bought a UBEC (and judging by the size and weight, maybe I should have, but it's here now..

I've got them, and as I'll primarily flying FPV I don't expect to need them, depending on wiring, I haven't decided whether these will make their way onto the HMB but at under 1 gram each, depending on wiring, I can't see it being too big a problem.

I've now got all the components except for the actual frame, provided that arrives in the next couple of working days I'll put everything together and go from there. I still need to wrap my head around the PID in baseflight and the equivalent of stick scaling.. With that said, I'm seriously stoked about putting it together and making it fly. Pictures and videos undoubtedly to come.