Hobbico (RIP)


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I don’t think this really belongs here but I can’t think of someplace else to put it, most old timers order stuff from Tower Hobbies and carry a lot of glow gear, so may as well be here. As much as I hate to be the guy that keeps making the “R.I.P.” posts, I’m sure all of you have heard Horizon dropped an opening bid on Hobbico for 18.8 million. However they are only interested in Great Planes, Tower Hobbies, Axial and Arrma. My question is, who will carry Futaba? I do know that the RC business is kind of just a drop in the bucket for Futaba, as almost %90 of their income is derived from their crane business (which I’ve heard uses FASST technology, cool tidbit of information.) However, I have seen Hobby King selling some of their radios but not the full lineup, mostly the more inexpensive Futaba stuff ($500 and less) I am curious to see if they will find a new distributor or just start their own thing up even. Also curious about O.S Engines. The auction was today but I haven’t heard anything yet as to who ended up with it. If you guys hear anything keep me posted! Thanks ahead of time!