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Hobby king 2.4Ghz 6ch Rx/Tx Help

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to bind these hobbyking Rx and Tx together and what each of the 6 channels correspond to??
any help would be great, I've been fighting with it for just over a day now :)



Prop Killer
do you have the correct receiver . there were 2 versions one with a satiate (v1) one with out (v2)
the newer remotes will only bind to v2 receivers . to bind you must put the bind plug into the bind socket in the receiver ,then power it on and the light should flash quickly . once it is doing that . hold the bind button on your remote and power on . once on the light on the receiver will stop flashing and go solid . at this stage power down tx and rx . remover the bind plug then power on the remote . once its on power up the receiver and it should be bound

best regards jamie
Hey jamie, I'm sure it's the right receiver as it's the one that came with the transmitter but while saying that I have seen silly things like that done in the past. I managed to get the Tx/Rx bound together finally but now what I have found is that it will not power the motor :-( all the servo's work fine and easy but there is no "start up beep" from the motor or any activity at all in fact.


Prop Killer
thats strange . do u have full control of your servos . if so try putting the motor plug into one of those ports . MAKE SURE THEE MOTOR IS MOUNTED AND HAS NOT GOT A PROP ON IT .
Yeah Jamie I tried that too, all that happens when I do that is it just keeps beeping and nothing else. The only way to stop it is to either pull it out of the Rx or disconnect the battery. I think I may have just got a dead motor :-(


Senior Member
Can you record the steps you are going through, and toss it on YouTube? It might make it easier to help you troubleshoot.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Is the throttle trim all the way down? Have you calibrated it? Have you reversed the throttle somehow?
Try the first two, though I am certain the first one has been tried. I hope this helps!
Thanks Foam, I have gone over the calibration and binding of the units enough times that I can now do it with my eyes closed :p but the only thing that I haven't really checked is if the Throttle Trim was all the way down. I will check that this afternoon and try again.
I just want to thank everyone for their input in this matter, it ended up being that the throttle trim wasn't fully down :-( Rookie mistake lol, anyway everything is good now and went for a fly over the weekend.

thanks again everyone :)