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Hobby Plywood vs. Basswood for Firewalls & Control Horns

Evenin' everyone! Is basswood too soft to use for firewalls and control horns? The Mighty Mini series of planes shows to use 1/16" hobby plywood, where the Standard and Master series planes show to use 3/32" hobby plywood. I have not been able to locate 1/16" or 3/32" hobby plywood, but I have been able to find 1/16" basswood and 1/8" hobby plywood. I've already cut out some of the 1/8" for the Master Corsair. I didn't think the minuscule amount of extra weight would matter on the larger planes. I can use the 1/8" for the Minis, but I'm curious if the added weight (4 times the weight) would matter. I can also use the 1/16" for the Minis, but I was worried that the basswood might be too soft, especially for the firewall. Have any of you successfully used 1/16" basswood for these parts? Thanks!!
I tried it and it split once the screw went in. I did ca glue 2 pieces cross grain and it worked. But in the end walmart 3/32 hobby ply is way stronger. Strength vs weight. Pick your poison.