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Hobby Zone Sport Cub S RTF with SAFE Tech

Hi everyone. This is my first post as a new member.

I tried learning to fly RC aircraft 20 years ago. Once. That's how many attempts I could afford, because the "trainer" I bought for $299 back then literally tunneled its way from Seattle to the Marquesas on the first takeoff attempt. Due to a very limited budget and deep discouragement, I abandoned RC flight.

But now it appears that technology has caught up with my incompetence. I first learned about SAFE technology from the Flight Test review of the Apprentice. It looked to be the perfect trainer for a wary new enthusiast. But again, it was out of my price range.

But now Hobby Zone has the Sport Cub S RTF with SAFE technology for only $129 (!!!). It's smaller than the Apprentice (having a wingspan of just over 24 inches). But I live in a quasi-urban area anyway, so my available flight areas are smaller.

I pre-ordered the Sport Cub and got a free flight battery. Shipping was free (if they chose the method) and I paid no sales tax. So $129 flat got me everything I need (except for the talent). The plane will probably arrive in October, which means the weather opportunities will be limited. This is, after all, Seattle.

But I thought what I would do was write about my experiences with the Sport Cub for others. As a complete novice, my first concern is whether or not this plane will carry my dream of flight to fruition, or yet again deliver it to its swift and ugly doom.

Perhaps the Flight Test team (whom I must warmly thank for rekindling my own dreams of flying) can do a review of the plane as soon as they can get their hands on it. It certainly seems like a much more affordable and safe means of helping the novice RC flier past the initial wobbles.

At any toss, if the readers wish, I will write of my own adventures once I get the plane into my eager yet trembling hands.

Ron B

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I fly the Delta Ray with the Safe technology and it was the first plane I could get to fly.
I had a couple of weeks on a simulator and when I first flew it I had no problem but I have learned to not let it get to far away from me as you can lose orientation easy. I have since flown several other planes but i still take the delta with me every time I go fly. Love the Safe feature.


Flite Test Groupie
You can still tunnel a SAFE plane if you point the sticks to do so. :)
Simulator time to get used to the sticks while you wait for delivery will give you a better chance at successful flight.


Welcome to the forums, NurseWilliam! I think you will finally find your way into the sky with this plane! If (when) you crash :rolleyes:, don't get discouraged! We are so lucky to be in this hobby at this time! Ask any questions you may have and we will help as best we can!