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Hobbyking Galaxy just completed

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Hey guys, just thought I would share a couple pics of my newest plane. I didn't think to get a lot of mid build pics but I'll definitely get some video next weekend of the maiden flight.

Mid build:
2011-12-06_03-51-00_366.jpg 2011-12-06_03-51-19_818.jpg 2011-12-06_04-03-35_882.jpg

It's a total Hobbyking build.
Hobbyking Galaxy
Hobbyking SS Series 15-18 amp ESC
Hobbyking Orange Rx
Hobbyking HKSCM9-6 Servos
Turnigy Nanotech 460mah battery.

Galaxy 1.jpg Galaxy 2.jpg Galaxy 3.jpg Galaxy 4.jpg Galaxy 5.jpg

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I started 3D early on in my flying. I've been flying about 3 years now and I pretty much went for broke right off. My second plane was the E-flite Ultra Micro 4-Site. I finally killed it about a year ago and I've been flying the heck out of my Hobbyking Hawk but it's not a precise flyer AT ALL. I fly it in the gym but it's so fast and has a high wing loading that you have to hover or be in a high alpha all the time. I can do level flight laps around the gym but it's fast and increases the potential of wiping out one of the smaller planes.
I wasn't really into building a foamie like this but a friend of mine built a Great Planes Extra 300 and it's so much fun I decided I had to have one. I almost bought the Edge 540 version but the Galaxy caught my eye. I've been doing a lot of heli stuff in between that I really enjoy but it's too stressful and expensive to keep learning 3D helis so I needed something more relaxing for indoors. I'm pretty excited about flying it next weekend. I want to get better at flying technical maneuvers. I have another 4-Site on the way too. I just love that plane.