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I bought my first Flite Test plane probably 3 or 4 months ago now, it was the Masters Series Corsair. For a first build using this assembly style I was actually quite impressed with how everything shaped up and fit together.

I ran into trouble with the tail section, it simply did not fit together as shown in the build video presented by John.

However, being that this was my first build I figured that I had not spent enough time trimming and shaping parts to get the right fit and caulked it to this being my first build.

So I placed an order for a second Corsair and thought it would turn out better, which it mostly did, but I ran into the same issue with the tail section and after some work, I managed to get thing to fit better. I spent some time here trying to sort out what was going wrong as the same issue had occurred in the same spot twice. When I watched and re-watched the video probably a dozen time specific to this area I finally figured out that the set of formers that are used in this area may not be getting cut out right as the video says there are different sized formers, when in fact, there are not. This seems to have happened in the transition from the original brown foam to the new white foam.

Not being discouraged and with lots of glue sticks left over, I ordered more planes, maybe too many, but hey, we are having a pandemic so I needed something to do.

I built the P47 in brown foam and it worked out perfect, I built the Baby Blender without issue, I built the Edge 540 without issue, followed by two Mini Cruisers, a Mini Scout without issue. I was so impressed that I ordered the P51 and another P47.

Here is where things get ugly and I have to wonder if something hasn't happened to the original cut plans or the laser cutter or some other gremlin that has found a place to hide.

First, the P51 is still on back order and I have been waiting for a month or so for that, no issue, it's Christmas and it looks like lots of builders wanted that plane. The P47 arrived five weeks after it was ordered (oh, ps, I am in Canada, all my stuff is coming out of Great Hobby's in Canada, not from Flite Test, this means I have no import issues and can order lipo product without paying $$$$$ for delivery) and the delay in delivery was probably just Christmas volume at Canada Post.

So the P47 in white foam shows up on the 23rd and I have the 23rd, 24th off from work, so I am all about putting the 47 together, except when I peel back the plastic, parts start dropping on the table and floor like it is raining foam parts. This hasn't happened before. As I started to inventory the sheets it became very obvious very quickly that there is an issue over at the laser cutter department.

The battery box and power pod had been 100% cut through, making A, B or C folds impossible, the back third of the rudder was just gone, cut right off like the sheet was either not aligned or it was too small or some other issue with parts layout, half the foam spars, being a front and rear, had been 100% cut, the sheet that holds the rear stabilizer and elevator had been cut 100% down the fold line, see the pic, and there are a few other issues with cuts and scores that just didn't work out. Sadly, I had wanted to do this 47 as the bubble top as the other one is the razor back, but the piece got so pooched that that will not happen.
So, I decided to call tech support and the guy I talked to was really helpful and I sent him a mail with pics that he will forward to FT to get a replacement kit sent out, absolutely awesome customer service from Joe at Great Hobbies in Edmonton :).

But the story doesn't end here. I figured that customer feedback is probably the best way to let manufacturers know when there is a problem and what may be a suggested fix. I have noticed over the last several builds that there is an issue between the brown foam and build video's vs the white foam. Stuff just doesn't seem to work out when the builder is building the brown version in the video and you are building a white version. This applies to the Corsair and the P47 and then the P51 is in the white foam in the video. It's almost like the generic size of the foam sheets must have been different and somebody tried to adjust the parts layout on the new sheet size or something like that because former sizes seem to be off.

I was kinda bored so I decided to start assembling some of the parts that did not get 100% cut threw and found some other issues that may need to be looked at. This concerns formers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the skins. I have taken pictures that show what seems to be sizing issues with either the formers or the skin, some of the cuts on the largest fuselage piece, the one the wing mounts to, seem to have been cut with slight curves on the top and bottom. I have not glued some of the parts together as I was unable to build the battery box. The jar of peanut butter is not only a delicious snack, but it makes a really good weight :)

Recommendations to the manufacturer.

1. I know this is going to be a pain in the neck, but do a build video using the white foam for the Masters Series planes.

2. Check the build plans and make sure that formers and skins still fit the sheets, I do not know if the part layout works on both the brown and white or if the sheets are the same size. The layout marks for the skewer on the P47 are also absent, so I think that with this amount of errors that somebody may want to review the plans and cut patterns.

3. Pull a kit at random from the production line and build it to check for obvious errors. This would be specific to the Master Series as I have not had a single issue with any other kit, they all go together perfectly.

4. The Masters Warbirds are shown with landing gear but that doesn't appear in the build video's. Could somebody please add that or add a link to it, I have searched for it and it does not seem to exist.

5. Please make sure the accessory bags, the ones with the skewers, rubber bands, plywood cut outs etc are the right one for the plane. The second Corsair I bought came with the wrong wooden spars (obvious), no motor mount, no control horns and generally looked like it was for another kit. I re-ordered missing parts and rec'd and entire new accessory kit, but it was the same as the last kit.....this is a labelling or packaging issue I suspect.

Generally guys, I am not complaining and do not wish to bring any negativity to this forum. I hope that what I have posted is used to fix issues and make things better for all.


I think you guys at Flite Test are doing an amazing job. From design, manufacturing, tutorial video's, events, social media and just awesome flight videos. I think you have really done some great things to promote r/c flying. You have some superb products that are fun and easy to build and I will continue to support your business.


Steamy Piles, alias for World of Warplanes, World of Warships, Warthunder and many many more :)
Fly safe and have fun.

PS, if this is a repeat post, sorry, the other post vanished when I saved it o.0


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bummer. sorry to hear. i know the p-47 had some changes due to them putting the wrong parts into it, i would hope they had that solved by now. i did not buy mine instead laser cut it and had to make the changes. i would contact FT customer service and have them send you a new one.

also, honesty is not negativity. not saying something would be worse.


me :cool:
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sorry about your issues, till its resolved you can tape the score cuts and still use them???

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Thanks for your replies,
yeah, I could probably tape stuff up and had thought about that, but there are so many parts that are cut right through, it really isn't practical. As I continue with this build, there is more and more stuff that just doesn't fit together well enough to warrant much more effort other than to assemble parts and see what else doesn't line up right. There are two major issues, the first is the 100% cuts which can be worked on, but the second issue is the formers and skins not fitting. Being a guy that builds stuff for a living and has a very similar skill set as John O, it's pretty easy to see what doesn't fit and why. If it was only a little bit of space between skin and former it can be tightened up, but trying to get 12 inches of skin to wrap around a former with an 11.5 inch circumference leaves massive gaps that require an assemble to re-roll the former over the skin to establish the correct size. If it was just one part it would be doable, but now an assembler will have to basically re-roll all the skins and formers, tape fit everything together to be sure that everything is still fitting together and on and on. This is why I pay the money to the designer and manufacturer. If I had access to a laser cutter, the time to learn the C and C program and such, I would just get the plans and you would never hear from me. :)


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So can you make a generalization and say the brown foam is cut more accurately than the white or one plane is worse than another?

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First off, Flite Test Customer Service gets a AAA rating!
As for your question, I can only comment on the Corsair and the p47. The first p47 I built was cut from the brown foam and went together very easily and the parts fit together just as shown in the build video, I ran into trouble when I went to paint it and discovered that I may not have prepped the surface as well as I should have. I had a lot of paint peeling off when I removed tape. It will be an easy fix but it was the main reason why I chose to build out of the white foam for the second build. The white foam seems to take paint much better when the surface has been prepped. The only thing that really deviated from the build video and the first p47 I built (brown foam) was the layout marks for the skewers that hold the power pod in place, they where not there. I ended up downloading the plans and used the plans to mark out the hole locations and later, used the same plans to get the template for the canopy decals. I used foil tape for the decals because I have rolls of it in my work truck and it is better and cheaper that some of the stuff you get at graphic's retailers.
As I mentioned before, I think there was some sort of technical change between the layout of parts on the different foam boards, but I do not know.
If I had to build another plane, I would still go for the white foamboard, my only brown foam plane was the first p47 I built, but the white foam is much better for finishing. All the other planes that I have bought and built have been the white foam and there really hasn't been an issue.

Pics attached are the first P47. Also, just as a disclaimer, these are the first planes I have built using this method of construction and finishing, and there is a learning curve involved. The Masters Series planes are not really the best choice for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd build in my opinion. I think the best plane to start with, if you are a novice builder, is actually the Baby Blender which is a great plane to build and paint. The Baby Blender comes in the white foam, assembles very easily and quickly and has so many options for paint schemes and finishing. I liked the Baby Blender so much, that I am going to buy the Ft Triplane and the FT SE5, this will also mean buying a new radio set up so I can fly with my brother, but what the Hek, flying is fun. :)

To close, I have learned to test fit all the pieces together before the build. On my first build and part of my second build I was probably paying too much attention to what was happening in the video and trusted that everything would fit like it did on the video, and sometimes it didn't, and I discovered that too late, like the tail section on the Corsair, so, just like Josh and John keep telling us, take your time, test fit your parts before you glue them together, stop if you get tired or frustrated. Going forward, I will also start edge rolling my skins together to make sure they fit the formers and also fit each other. If you don't know what edge rolling is I can post a follow up video once I figure out how to hold the camera whilst trying to roll edges.....pandemics eh, can't even have friends over to help with the little stuff :(


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Simple solution scratch build from plans in future ;)(y) dont buy kits.
I used to scratch build 30, no,, 50 years ago when I was all about balsa and epoxy, glo fuel engines and fuel proof finishes.
Then I learned point click and ship...who knew. Also, I still scratch build, I draw my own plans without a cad program, I love graph paper :), I source and acquire most stuff locally and generally still enjoy the hobby. I took a left turn with Flite Test and felt that these guys and gals deserve my support. That is why I buy the pre cut stuff from them along with the power packs and other accessories. Thanks for your thoughts :), but my scratch building from my own plans has sort of morphed into something a bit larger.


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Been there bought the T shirt and wore it till it was thread bare, Im just passing time now till I am ready to shuffle off my mortal coil.

I got back into the hobby 2 years ago after a long break. My favourite part of the hobby is the building process, flying is just a secondary pleasure.

However, building from a kit has no appeal to me, there wouldn't be the same satisfaction at the end of the build. I also started off with balsa many eon's/age's ago and still love balsa as a medium to work with and still have balsa models I still fly.
However, building from foamboard is fun, its relaxing, cheap and quick. I can build most Flite Test models in days rather than months and sometimes years with balsa.
This means I can get to experience building and flying loads of different models, before I finally take my final breath. If they crash it doesn't matter I can easily build another.
In fact I very often let friends and members at my club fly my planes, so they too can enjoy them. Ive been asked many times "what if I crash it", my answer is "dont worry."" Its easy and cheap to replace, just have fun" (y):)
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