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hobbyking planes

hello my name is cale. i live in south east ohio and i recently crashed my favorite plane (sig somethin extra). i had over 50 flights on this plane. i loved it. i really want another sprotster just for a fun relaxing flight and i was hoping you guys could reccomend a great sportster off of hk from the us warehouse. i have 200$ and i was hoping you guys could test a bunch of planes to find the best flying and let me know because i really want a new fun fly sportster. i want something 3S or smaller and any size will do maybe even nitro but it has to be a sportster. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks cale.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I had a beautiful Sig Fourstar 60 go down this summer. I'm rebuilding it but it's slow. I've been hearing fantastic things about the Parkzone Corsair. In a bind and fly it's under 200. What radio system are you using?
im using a dx6i and the money shot up there i have been looking at but i might just go to 4s just for that lane because it would be a good balsa 3d trainer.

i am a confident flyer because i have many planes and i just drained 2 batterys hovering in the living room with a dynamic foamy yak-55 and i have a geatplanes minno a yak 54 a eflite mini edge 540 a off brand sig rascal srx 250 um ember 2 um 4 siteflight star 40(now a bomber :) and a sailplane/glider. so im a pretty confident flyer. also i have a spare magnum 2 stroke .53 and 5-15 standard servos to use.