Hobbyking Receiver Channels


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Hey guys!

I'm currently building my first RC aircraft, which is going to be a micro quadcopter, using the same parts as the guys from Flite Test did on theirs. So far everything is going well, but I do have one thing that has confused me a bit. In the video about setting up the Hobbyking Flight Control Board, Josh said that the outputs from the receiver are already marked as aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle, however on the receiver I'm using which is a HobbyKing GK-TR6A V2, it only has channel numbers marked on it.

Which channels would I connect to which inputs on the control board?

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It will probably be Aileron 1, Elevator 2, Throttle,= 3, Rudder 4, although it will sometimes be different. You should test it. You can always use a spare servo if you have one and hook it up to the receiver channel by channel and see which control on your transmitter moves it.