1. E

    Anyone Know How to Program "Android"? IE The tablet that makes up my TX???

    Ok so I have a Yuneec Typhoon H that comes with an ST-16 Transmitter (which all the transmitter consists of is a 7" Android Based tablet directly in the center of the 14" wide transmitter & everything transmitter wise runs directly through it so I.E. its all digital & although one would come to...
  2. Drednaut

    FT Guinea pig Receiver

    Can somebody help me, I'm considering the FT guinea pig but I don't know how many channels it needs. I only have a DX6i but I'm worried it won't be enough.
  3. K

    Servos, bomb bays, and channel confusion!

    I'm considering building the baby blender. I have a hobby king radio (6 channels) (HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2) to be precise) which I plan to use. However, I know that the baby blender is 4 channels, could I add a servo to the bottom to make a bomb bay? And if so, which channel to...
  4. B

    D8R-ii plus

    Hi, I just got the D8R-ii plus for my RC quad copter but I cant figure out what all the channels are. I have read the user manuals too. Could you guys help me find the 1-8 channels. Thank you.
  5. S

    Hobbyking Receiver Channels

    Hey guys! I'm currently building my first RC aircraft, which is going to be a micro quadcopter, using the same parts as the guys from Flite Test did on theirs. So far everything is going well, but I do have one thing that has confused me a bit. In the video about setting up the Hobbyking Flight...