Hobbyzone Sport Cub S Stagility Mode How to set up from thebeginning to field.


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Passing on what was made for the Blade 350 QX by Indoorheli. and put into good use by people, here I do what is best get a video out there to help anyone that is interested in taking the next step in flying

If you are afraid to get out of a beginner's mode and find yourself unsure how to level back. Stagility will be a Beginner's mode ON all the time but all you to do a FLIP, ROLL, invert, release the stick, BAM you are back leveled out like that.
Set it up and switch on when needed, switch off if you don't want to use it. that simple

Showing for the DX6 only. the video will get you started.

1 standard transmitter set up.
2. add a voice to a switch.
3. Bind the craft
4 add stagility.
5 show a test flight

Manual settings are as follows for the DX6 for stagility:

Mix 1
Rate: -125% +125%
offset: 0%
trim: inh
Switch: switch C (you can use any switch, I just picked that one because its near the mode change switch and is only two position, which is what I wanted)

Mix 2
Rate: -125% +125%
offset: 0%
trim: inh
Switch: switch C

Mix 3
Rate: 0% 100%
offset: 45%
Switch: switch C

SPM file with stagility and no voice will be loaded
SPMfile with voice will be loaded

Video coming