Horizon Hobby E-flite UMAX A-10 30mm EDF?


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I have a motorcycle for sale. When it sells, I will be upgrading my FlySky i6X radio to the RadioMaster TX16S. I just found a local RC shop that caters exclusively to RC cars but has a limited old stock of RC plane stuff. They are not resupplying the plane stock. When it's gone, it's gone.

They have a Horizon Hobby E-flite UMAX 30 mm EDF A-10 Warthog for $139.00. That's $40 less than I could find one anywhere online. I would have to swap the receiver out to run it with my FlySky, but the TX16S would bind with it OTB.

Are these HH RTF planes worth the price tag? Is a $40 savings too good to pass up?

BTW, for $10.00 more, plus shipping or a 45 minute drive, I could get the FT XL 3D value bundle. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

What's your advice?