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horten 229

David did a wonderful job on the viggen but it only had one fan. I think it got up to 80 mph the horten 229 has 2 motors and I have always loved the looks of that plane.do you think you could talk him in to cutting a horten 229 from foam? With David doing the foam I know it will turn out grate. I bet it will go over100 mph. Or you could put 2 rocket motors in it.that is if you can find the templets for it.thanks black-hart


There are drawings available for the 229. It is one of the most beautiful airplanes to ever be designed. I'd love to see the FT guys do it justice.
For a plane that came out of the 40 s it wis light years ahead of its time. Even jack Northrup had a long way to go to catch up with the shorten 229.


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There is a big difference.
The new "jets" are designed for huge area turbines compared with the older ones.
I guess that the H229 in about the same size would have two 35 mm fans instead of one 70 mm in the J37 - making it slower with less power.