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Hot wire cutters

I stumbled across a video of how david cuts his wings, on his personal youtube channel. Wondering how many others use a hot wire cutter and what their setup looks like.


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you would be surprised at how many people use hotwires. I used to use knives but they would dull to fast for me and start to tear my foam. Sanding foam to shape took forever, inconsistant and MESSY!!

here is a link to my current set up. I think this is my 5th or 6th version of my power supply.

I am in the planning stages of totally redoing this set up since it is so combersom and takes up way too much space.


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I think that the simplest thing is to use the simplest servo tester and a brushed power supply connected to a flight Lipo battery.
I think that 4 amps at 12 volts are normal for a cutting wire capable of a 120 cm (4 ft) foam block.
cannot find the simple tester but this seems fine for everything.

Or - if you want to build combat models - make 10 of each


I do. I use a car battery charger as my voltage source. Model train transformer of adequate capacity also work. Don't have a pic, but I'll try to post one later.


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you have to remove the papre. Paper comes off really easily. I just get a corner started and it comes right off. I never leave the paper on since it dose come off so easily. any moisture and its done. Packing tape works best to regain some of that regidity the paper had, but at a fraction of the weight.


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I have yet to build any of the flight test planes :p but I have made many planes with my hotwire. Several Funbats, an OV-10 Bronco, and many of my own designs. From what I have seen of their plans it dosent seem like it would hard to make one of their planes without the paper. Though flat wings would need reinforcment.