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How can I no over use a battery? Li-po

Your Open Question: How to not over discharge your lipo battery?

So I so some rc plane flying.
And I have 2 types of battery's

Sky Lipo 2200mAh 11.1V 20C
HobbyKing 1300mAh 11.1 20C

And I learned that over using your battery's ( over discharge will kill the battery's. ) how do I know when to stop like wen I reach like 50%%

Like to know when to stop besides using a like low battery thing


Senior Member
If you do not use a "low battery thing" (either built into your ESC's BEC or separate) you simply has to calc and experiment. Do a rough calculation (batt specs and an amp mesurement on your model) of a safe flight and use a timer. When you land and charge the battery usually your charger can tell you how much amp hours it puts in and the voltage after usage. Put the before and after numbers into a graph, extrapolate the curve and safely move iteratively closer to a finishing ~3.2 V on your cells. When you find the perfect time to stop using your battery, program that into your tx with a safety margin.

OR use a low battery thingy =).