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How did Flite Test come into being?

Hi Mates. I've gotten hooked on the Flite Test videos. They're fun to watch and informative. The two Josh's bounce off each perfectly and seem to genuinely enjoy each others company. Each person in the entire cast seems like a very well chosen group. What I would like to know is who's idea The Flite Test show was.

I've also noticed that the camera crew is top notch. It's like "watch the news" type of quality camera work. But I also like the rough ground work as well. Once in awhile the camera crew gets exposed during a shoot. That's just good down home video work. It makes me feel like I'm involved in the cast in some way.

So, bottom line, who first came up with the show idea and how did the marketing get started?



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM

Chad's business is called Stonecap Productions (a video production company). That is where the Video professionalism comes from. Much of this information is in the Ask Chad Thread.