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How in the world do you mount props


Professional noob
I've been flying on and off since 2012 and I've never figured out how to mount props on the large C pack motors :ROFLMAO:. Ordered a bunch of props recently but virtually none of them have the 6mm hub big enough to fit on the prop shaft of the EMAX 22-15-09 and Radial 2218B.
Is the solution to drill out the hubs of the props that are too small? A couple hard landings and I'm quickly running out of props that fit, even though I have dozens sitting around that have never been used because the hubs are too small lol.

Maybe a better question is: how do you know what props to buy so that they will fit those 6mm shafts?
Cheers. Stay healthy everyone.


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Yes, the solution is to drill out the hubs. Using a Reamer will get you a hole that is centered more accurately than just using a twist-drill though.