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How much space do I need?

I built an FT Flyer that I'd like to try out soon but I'm not sure how much space I'll need to have for learning to fly "for real". What are your recommendations? I'll have to do some driving regardless, but that's okay. I just want to make sure that wherever I go, there is enough space. There is a Frisbee Golf course near a local park - would that be big enough?


Gravity Tester
Depending on your skill level the FT Flyer can be flown in some really tight spaces. If you are just learning to fly then you need as much space as possible, but a Frisbee Golf course sounds more than big enough. The Flyer has the ability to fly really slow and turn on a dime so you should be fine. Plus if you crash your plane pretty early you won't feel as bad about having to drive back home from a local spot.