How Should I Attach this Prop?

I bought the EMax 2213-935 motor from the FT Power Pack B but I broke the prop that it came with so I went back to the hobby store I bought it from and they said that don't have props with the "key" that the EMax motor and prop have. You can sort of see it in the picture of the broken prop, two of the sides are flattened and the base of the motor shaft has a matching shape.
I bought an equivalent prop and they recommended using a lock nut on the end of the shaft, but I really like the conical (non locking) nut that came with the motor and was wondering if I could use it again? Or should I definitely be using the lock nut since this prop sits above the keyed part of the motor shaft as opposed to the EMax prop that went all the way down?
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Either works. if you use the conical just at a tiny bit of the blue loc-tite


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My first observation is the prop the shop gave you is not a direct replacement for the original as it has a different hub.
The original has a larger diameter recess in the hub so the rear of the hub rests up against the face of the motor to give a good load bearing area and thus grip.
Without the recess you new prop with is smaller diameter hub will be poorly secured and could be damaged when the nut is tightened up. You may get away with the correct size washer behind the prop but it is not ideal.
You really need a direct prop replacement with a hub that suits that particular motor shaft.


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That flat section is actually there for a wrench to hold the shaft while tightening the prop nut.

Get props to fit the threaded shaft. The props come with adapter rings to match various shaft sizes. Use them for proper fit.

I also suggest using low profile nylock nuts instead of the spinner style nut. That way the prop stays tight when flying and the low profile nut will loosen a touch on prop strikes and maybe let the prop slip on the shaft and prevent breaking on ocassion.

I do the same with my quad props and I have saved tons because I rarely break a prop. Just bend them most times.
By low profile lock nut do you mean the one I have in my picture next to the spinner one? I already have the correct prop adapter installed.