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how to crease the foam?


Junior Member
Hi, I'm completely new to this, and I decided to give a shot at building the swappable Spitfire foamie.
I plan to cut out the parts myself.
How do I go about creasing the foam? Do I actually break the foam and let the paper hold it together?
How do I go about scoring 50% along the red lines? Is there a video that shows how to properly do these things?



Dedicated foam bender
Have you checked out the build video for the Spit?

The first videos for the swappables also have a few techniques in them.



Senior Member
I cut out all the parts for the Ft Spit myself, and I just used my knife to cut the top paper for both crease and 50% cut. Beyond that, for the crease, after cutting the paper, I ran my mechanical pencil tip (without lead sticking out) down the crease. I had no trouble creasing anything.


Some guy in the desert
I use a cheap utility knife to do the 50% cuts (and most of my cutting in fact since blades are so cheap.) On it's lowest setting resting on top of my favorite steel framing square (which I use to keep my straight cuts straight) it pokes through just enough to cut the paper and just barely cuts into the foam.

Then for creases I just run a popsicle stick on edge over it with a bit of pressure so it just barely breaks through the already cut paper.

For folds and spots where you need to remove foam I go back with a bare utility blade and let the pre-cut paper/foam guide me focus on holding the blade at an angle that lets it cut through almost all the foam.