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How to find the best online electronic components store

Hi, everyone,

In this age of electronics, finding the best online electronic components store is not as easy as ABC. As we know, thousands of electronic components stores has been introduced, so how can we find the best one for our needs?


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what do you mean by "best"?

From my experience...

Every store is good if it accepts paypal, so you can pull your money back if something is wrong.

with paypal in mind.
Best price/value gear can be reached from banggood, deal dealextreme and Hobbyking.
If you search for electronic parts like capacitors, resistors, connectors ebay.com is often the cheapest.
They are all equaly slow and you have to expect shipping times up too 40 days.

in therms of support and service.
Hobbyking has sometimes the best prices and a helpfull live chat.
banggood doesn't know what they sell if you read the FAQs on RC-Products, but you get your money back or replacement.
Dealextream is like banggood in therms of service.

On the other hand look for lokal online stores in your country.
You have to pay about 10-30% more than from chinese sellers, but you have faster delivery and handling if something is wrong.
banggood is very frustrating to deal with if there are quality issues. Yes, you can get your money back, but dealing with health insurance is pleasant by comparison.

I've never had to return anything to HobbyKing.

Lately, I've been ordering more and more from US based stores. https://alofthobbies.com/ (frsky equipment), Altitude (random stuff), flitetest ( :) ), getfpv (Lumineer). But, HobbyKing is hard to beat on batteries. Mouser electronics is great to order general electronic parts from. They have some of the best selection options and a huge stock. Sometimes I order from general suppliers on Ebay, but as noted, that takes a while since the parts usually come from China.


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I've had great success with Readymade RC. Good prices and availability. If you live in central Ohio you can order it and pick up the order provided you get there before 5p and the order is posted by 2pm and no shipping cost for local pick up. Buddy RC is in Columbus as well. They are both great.


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I’m waiting for the “Well, the cheapest one, duh!” posts to show up. 😂

I’ve had great luck with Ready Made RC and GetFPV; they’ve had fast turnaround times getting items out to me.

HobbyKing is not one of my favorites; I had an issue where I placed an order and it took them 2 months of me asking where my parts were before I finally got them to ship it from Hong Kong. I placed an order for some LED light strips that they had on sale, and it took them nearly 3 months before I finally got them.

I complained numerous times trying to find out whether they had been shipped from the US warehouse; they told me it was "pending stock". They only had 1 in stock, and I placed an order for 5 of them. They said they couldn't ship from the US warehouse unless they got all 5 in stock, and they weren't sure when that was going to be...But they'd be happy to refund me my order and I could reorder it from the Hong Kong warehouse. When I inquired whether I could get the sale price that I had purchased them at, they said, "No, I'm sorry, that sale is over."

I finally complained enough to get a PR person who got them shipped from Hong Kong to me at the price I had purchased them from, so it didn't cost me any extra, but ever since then, it's left a bitter taste in my mouth for wanting to purchase anything from them again.