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How to fold a wing in 3 easy steps.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
First put a 300 watt motor on a plane that worked perfectly well on that speed 400 over there. (I need more power!)
Second, Decide not to add a spar. (I want vertical!)
Third, try a 4 cell 3000. (The need for Speed!)

I put 4 cells on a 2500 kv motor and a 5x5 prop and then installed them on a DTFB unbraced polyhedral RET Delta thingy.:p It flew great til I tried a full throttle pass with a vertical climbout!!!

Meh... I felt like destroying something after 2 calc lessons in one day.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
I wanted an experimental basher, and after a figure 9, I decided to see how fast it would go.
I now have the equipment on a 4 spar wing. Much better.

HeeHee! I love that comic.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
It sounds awesome when the Prop hits the foam too!
On a side note, I built a trainer that flew just fine on a 370 sized brushed motor. But I decided to go brushless... When I tried a loop, the wing decided it needed at least 70 more degrees of dihedral. It still flew just fine, just at full throttle instead of 1/3rd. or at least it flew fine till I tried to land...


creator of virtual planes
I shared this before, I'm sharing it again.

The funny thing is that I was jokingly thinking that it would be awesome to crash a plane at full speed right at my feet. I didn't expect to actually do it.