How to keep glue from sticking to PVC cutting mat??


I have a PVC cutting mat, but hot glue sticks to it very well. If there anything I can do to prevent this??

I have a formica topped table and I sprayed it with Pledge. This keeps the hot glue from sticking,; it just pops off. But sprayed pledge on the cutting mat, but it doesn't work.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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I use less glue, then it doesn’t seem out the joins. If you rotate the part as you stick it then it won’t stay stuck!
You could try 303 protectant spray, it is designed for plastics and keeps them shiny and non stick. Less glue is better, as it saves weight.
To remove any hot glue stuck on there now, warm it up in hot water then use a paint scraper to clear the spots of glue off.


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Wax paper also works well. But I agree with FDS, use less glue. You really shouldn't have it oozing out enough to cause much of a problem.


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Rubbing alcohol usually does the trick. It does something with the bonded surface of the glue and it pops off super easily. On top of that isopropyl alcohol isn't too expensive. In addition, try cutting down on your glue usage. You shouldn't have to cram seams full of glue to get a good bond. When you're folding up a fuselage you may want to stop gluing about a centimeter to a centimeter and a half before the end of the piece so that the glue squeezes into the part, but not onto the table. It took me a while to figure out exactly where to stop, but it saves a lot of cleanup time and saves a bit of weight.