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how to post an article?

On the main page I can't seem to find any button or feature to submit an article??? I'm logged in and everything and can view other articles and rate them but cannot figure out where the button is???

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Click on "my account" and it will take you to your profile. Then under your photo in the "author" section at the bottom of it there's a button that says create article.
Thanks, AKflyer. I have no idea why it was soooo hard to find. I could have sworn that button wasn't there yesterday... I guess it was the font that made it difficult to find. :p


Well-known member
Having found out write an article (thanks to earthsciteach) I am unable to add any pictures.
No trouble with the thumbnail but not when inserted into the test.

Loads the picture ok using the ' browse' button but clicking 'save' produces just an empty frame within the text along with a broken picture symbol in the top corner.
Are there some limits?
I have no trouble inserting the same image in a forum post - see below!

Can anybody help?


Junior Member
Yes, I got same problem. About week ago I contacted flitetest crew and they told me that they got problems with picture uploader. The best way to upload pictures now is to create article on forum and then copy pictures to main site.