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how to purchase items


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Hey... I am certain my suggestion for a show idea is far more "beginner" than most on this forum may enjoy... but I think it would fit well with the on going "beginner series" of episodes.

We have seen lots of advice on how to select models to fly (RTF, ARF, Scratch build), and advice on how to outfit the model you eventually purchase (your prop determines the motor which determines the ESC which determines the battery required). All of that advice has been excellent, and now that I am about 11 months into the hobby I follow right along and the episodes are geared directly at someone like me.

However, when I started out 11 months ago I didn't even know where to go and buy a model and I was totally lost with purchasing upgraded or replacement parts. It may seem obvious that the local hobby store or the magical "online" world is at our finger tips... but there is some strategy we have all developed to make our purchases. I know I have a small strategy, and that's only developed over the previous year. And besides, there are so many retailers... it can be daunting. Overseas, local... shipping costs.... quality, customer service.... arrrggggh.

For instance... I purchase very little from my local hobby store. Reason being the prices are horrendous. However, I do stop in every month or so and make small purchases to support the hobby or if I need something right NOW. The bulk of my purchases have been through a well known online retailer (Hobby King.... but there are plenty, such as LazerToys, Horizon Hobby, etc). And even with them, I have now developed a strategy of buying batteries only through the USA warehouse (I am in N.America) because of the tight regulations and long wait times for batteries to ship across the ocean. I do buy lot's of other stuff through China if I am in no hurry and can wait, such as a simple upgrade motor or some spare ESC's and spare prop's which I seem to need to restock every once in a while :) But there are concerns with buying online. Namely customer service and shipping costs and delays. Especially if out of China. But the prices and selection can't be beat.

I have also made some FliteTest purchases, mostly to support you guys... but also to get some cool foam planes and a T-Shirt I wear proudly. But of course, since you guys are so generous with posting the plans for free, a purchase isn't even necessary for some planes. And there are plenty of other websites giving scratch build advice too.

Anyway, I didn't intend to give any advice, as I am still learning a lot about the hobby including how to purchase my items in a timely and cost effective way. I was simply hoping the FliteTest crew and Forum members could give this suggestion a thought and offer any sound advice gained through hard earned experience. It might make for a good episode. I know I came across the FliteTest website within 24hrs or researching my entry into this awesome hobby.

Keep your airspeed up!
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