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Solved How to set-up my cub ?


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Allo everyone !
I'm about to put the servos on my Simple cub . Since this will be my first time flying a rc plane , I was wondering if I should use only 3 channels at first or go with all four channel right away . If I go with 3 channels , do I use Elevator/Rudder/Throt or Ailerons/rudder/Throt ? Any other advice ?
Thank you !



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If I was you I would go with all 4 channels, just because you have all four hooked up and equipped doesn't mean you need to use them all. You can run a 3 channel aileron/elevator/throttle (AET, or bank and yank) all day long and not touch the rudder, the left thumb is just for throttle. Or opposite you could play with the rudder/elevator/throttle (RET) all day long as well. Then as you progress you can introduce yourself to controls you already have, whenever you like.