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Hybrid fpv?

Flying Monkey fab

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Okay, a question for you guys. Two actually. I've been thinking of rigging a monitor to my chest so I can fly a hybrid between FPV and LOS by making it where I can transition from looking LOS to FPV the same way one would transition from looking outside to looking at the cockpit instruments. Is this a dumb idea?
To do this I'm going to need an opaque material to cut down light by quite a bit. Does foam board become opaque with a couple of coats of black paint? If not, what is a good light material that is completely opaque? Preferably something that can be laser cut but not a necessity.



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Black foamboard is available.
People used to fly from FPV “ground stations” or using cased monitors all the time pre $50 goggles.
My preference is to stay under the goggles or fly LOS, swapping in flight with goggles is not a good idea. You will find it hard to fly off the ground station to begin with. It’s better to put the screen in front of yourself, fixed somewhere like the top of the transmitter or on a tripod.