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Help! Hyperion Vengeance 280 issue with motors 1&2 not turning

Hi all
I am having trouble with my quad, I have setup in clean flight, checked power getting to motors. M3 and M4 working fine, M1&2 twitch at startup and continuity is good but M1&2 not working when I arm or test in clean flight. Any ideas what to check?
Thanks for all the help, definitely learnt a lot.

So after much research and trouble shooting I managed to find out that the Naze32 had M1=FPV cam x axis tilt, M2= FPV cam y axis tilt, M3=M3, M4=M4. So the fix was to assign Motors to M5 and M6. I'm sure there is a better way to do this but it was the best work around I could find.