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Issue with motors not spinning up

I recently got out my Mini Tricopter from RC Explorer to get that working again. I am using Cleanflight for setup on a Naze32. After installing the new firmware (Triflight 0.7) I went through the steps which I had done several times before. This time when I got to plugging in the battery I noticed that the servo on the tail did not center. I went to the motors tab and tried spinning up the motors but nothing happened.
I thought that maybe the motors weren't getting power so I check the ESCs with a multimeter, but they all got normal voltage. Also the motors all twitch and make a tone when the battery is plugged in. They do not make the tone that signals that they are armed. The servo also gets power when I turn ESC/Motor protocol to PWM, for whatever reason. I check the wiring and it is all working as normal. The everything works fine on the receiver tab. I setup the modes and the board itself does arm when I tell it to (green and blue lights).
I can't think of anything else to try, so any ideas would be appreciated.


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I had to go to BetaFlight after the new updates for Cleanflight earlier this year. I was not able to get Triflight working on the latest Cleanflight.

I hear Betaflight won't support the Naze32 (F1 boards) for too much longer. Have you considered an F3FC Racing from RC Explorer? I run this set up on my Twitchity mini tricopter and I LOVE it! For this reason I am considering upgrading my WarpQuad String Theory to a Lux.
I just tried programming the copter in Betaflight. Same issue, the motors won't spin up. As for the F3FC board, I'd like to get my current board running again so I can invest in a Baby Tricopter soon.


Faster than a speeding face plant!
I had trouble where my ESCs were not getting the proper low and high throttle signals. When I connected, the ESCs wouldn't chime what I expected and were telling me what was wrong.

Are you aware of the odd wiring for a Naze32 for tricopters?

If this is a Naze rev 6 are you powering the Naze from the BEC of an ESC?

What ESCs are you using and what firmware are they running?
The tricopter has worked fine in the past and nothing has changed since. I have the old RC Explorer power pack with BE2208 1800kv motors, and 30A Favourite Little Bee ESCs. I also have the original frame, so the bottom is a PDB that powers the top plate which has an integrated Naze32 board. So I know my wiring is correct and that everything gets the correct voltage.