I crashed because ....


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I crashed my mini Cruiser right on the nose on the second flight, because I didn't check if the battery was charged before putting it in. I thought I charged them all.... Then all of a sudden the plane fell out of the sky and I had no control what so ever.... I checked the Battery it was empty!!!! The damage wasn't so bad and I thought I make another flight. I put a 3s in which I checked of course. Then the mini Cruiser "skyrocketed" because of the thrust and then I lost again control on the elevator and crashed a second time right on the nose! This time It looked worse. Props broken, Nose damaged. I opened the hatch and then I saw that the elevator servo was loose. It didn't stick in its place.
I learned: always doublecheck if Batteries are charged. After a crash check if all controls are still sticking in their place.

As the mini Cruiser has a lot of upward thrust when you hit the throttle, I programmed a throttle - elevator mix to counteract the tendency to skyrocket.
And I have ordered other props than the ones in the power pack A, because these 5x3 Props tend to brake really soon if you belly land. at least the ones we get here in Switzerland by Graupner.
The FT mini Cruiser with optional Flaps ...


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Ouch! We all seem to learn that lesson the hard way. :cry: I've launched with an empty battery by accident and puffed it out round like a sausage before I figured out what was going on and landed her.

Nowadays I take two of those fire resistant bags with me to the field - one marked "full" and one marked "empty" and put the batteries into the appropriate bag - no more leaving them loose in the flight box or laying on the bench!


If you don't have a radio system with telemetry, I'd suggest flying with a battery alarm plugged into your balance lead. They're available from Amazon, eBay, Hobby King, or your favorite Chinese supplier for usually less than $5. It takes the guesswork out of knowing when it's time to land.


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the Kansas Wind returned and took the poor Champ and crashed it into a tractor, then wind died down, everything okay, back up in the air doing loops, then wind returned a second time, crashed into a baler. wind died down again after the crash, everything fine, back up in the air, more tricks, flying inverted, wind came up a third time, took the plane into the field, and I landed it up side down, lost the battery, more on the way for the Champ.