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I flown into a tree

Well it's like the title said I flown into a tree. If you saw my videos I hear you think how can he fly into a tree because there are only 5 trees in one square kilometre. But I managed to do it and now it's stuck 20meters(65feet) above the ground and I can't reach it:mad: tried it 3 hours but It's still in the same place:mad: does anyone have suggestions?


Rotor Riot!
Yeah, like the video states it, half a plane is better than no plane at all, so do your best even if it has to be sticks and stones.


I had a student park his in a tree about that same height. It came down 3 months later. Everything worked and he is still flying it today. Short of climbing the tree, nature will eventually bring it down.


Propaganda machine
Haha, I consider myself a tree retrieval expert now... throwing various missiles do the job. Depending on the type of foam, there's not likely to be much damage even with flush hits. You could (though this is not a suggestion, just a possibility) make an orange or potato cannon and aim at the branches around it.