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I got this...wait where is the ground?

When I was first getting into the hobby, I figured I would put LED's on my Hawksky and try to fly it at night. The one thing good that I did was start when it was still a bit light outside and flew till it got all of the way dark. The bad thing is that I forgot that the ground was so close.

Has that ever happened to you?



Senior Member
To me, no. To someone flying my plane it sure has and recently. I have parts coming to fix it now but I set a Bloody Wonder up for night flying and my uncle planted it for me.

Its one thing to light your plane up. You still have no know where things are and watch out for things in the dark.
At SPADfest this year I had a snoball that I put a 3 bulb flasher on the top of. It was pretty bright and almost seisure inspiring. Still, it was one point of light on top of my snoball and it made it interesting to keep track of.

Then a budy had problems with his "Bright as Day" blue night flyer and parked it right in front of me. Bout 10 seconds later, PLOP!

The next night, about 30 leds and 2 gluesticks later, I can see mine just fine now. I also tended to walk in front of this guy with my headlamp on asking him how his plane looked.
I had a similar experience my first time flying in the real dark. I was trying to hover, fell out of it, thought I recovered but apparently the ground was closer than I thought :p No real damage though, gotta love EPP.