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I hit the power lines


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Man that's so funny :applause: I tell you what that must have been some walk to get the model back . . you were a fair way out. How long a walk was that?

What's funny is my son did the same thing . . but a lot closer. I never got video of it but not much damage to the TekSumo.

Good flying there from Dangermouse
Sorry about your damaged Sumo - but if you use som fiberreinforced tape you can just tape over the damaged area to get a better profile.
Apply tape along the edge to make it stronger.

My walk was not as far this time - it was well within LOS


I marked the tree as well ;) It is just shy of 400 meters from my position to the crash site where the track ends.

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Wow, I thought you were way further than that! Hey that was great flying BTW :) Man I hope I don't scratch my Mini Skywalker :confused:

Thomas' TekSumo repaired up fine because we found the piece that came off and just glued it back . . I tell you what foam is pretty good stuff to work with :)

Hoping to get together with Danger Mouse in a couple weeks time for some more fun FPV :)