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I need a high resolution photo of the Flitetest logo


Senior Member
Hey guys,

Im working on a new project and I need a high resolution flitetest image logo. I want it to be clear at around 8x10. If anyone has one that fits the bill, I would greatly appreciate it.



I don't have a photo, but do have a png file I can email you. Its the newer logo. Send me a pm with your email, if you can use the file.


Junior Member
All your vector are belong to us!

It's actually very easy to "borrow" any vector image or logo you see.... I discovered this while working for a company that deals with vectors. It's been years since I've done this so bare with my partial instructions. Simply open ANY of the PDFs of the FT plans in Adobe Illustrator. This works with any other PDF you find out there with vector graphics. Ungroup or explode everything (I can't remember which, or if necessary), zoom into the logo, select it, copy and paste into a new project, then Save As or Export as one of the vector formats, EPS, DXF, DWG, then import it to your other program of choice or have fun in Illustrator. You might be able to paste it into another program that is open like CorelDraw, I'm trying to remember if I was able to do that.... ....and you're welcome!:cool: