I Need help for tricopter takeoff.


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I dont know what to do. the tricopter always wants to spin out of control before i can even get it up off the ground. as soon as i give it a good amount of throttle the servo seems to just turn completely one way or the other. it doesnt stay straight up and down. if someone can help or suggest things i should do please help. i put a video so you guys can see what im talking about.


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I do believe that your servo is turning in the wrong direction. If this is the case what happens is the flight controller is trying to correct the yaw and turns the servo in the direction to correct the yaw. With the servo turning in the wrong direction it is increasing the error and you get a spinning quad copter. I am not sure which video of CPO's cover the direction of servo travel but start here. It should help and will enable you to double check just to make sure.


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Do this test

Apply a small amount of power, then move the rudder/YAW stick to the right and observe the servo mounted motor

Viewed from the back right YAW should point the motor left.