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Help! I Need Help With Soldering


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I have been designing, prototyping, building, repairing, electronics for the last 25yrs. Almost every single person I hire we have to re-teach how to solder. Trial by fire soldering 200ft up a tower at -30C with 500 clients screaming at you to get the internet back up lol. To be good at it, it takes a lot of experience. No one way works for all. For circuit boards it depends on many factors, sometimes you need to go blazing hot and basically spot weld to avoid damage, sometimes you need to be cool and slowly flow solder to avoid damage. But for tinning wire it is almost always the same, make sure the wire is as clean as possible, get the wire hot enough for solder to flow into it (larger guage wires might require a torch), apply a little flux to help flow it in and conduct heat. Always pre-tin wires. If you do not need pliers to hold the wire, you are not getting it hot enough to flow solder, and you will run the risk of a solder joint breaking.
Most of my planes are large electrics, larger 6-8mm bullets and 10-8 guage wire. For those I just use a standing torch. (Torch attached to a Coleman camping propane tank for a stable base)

Key is practice