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i need tips from flite test and all you flying boys


Hostage Taker of Quads

Not quite tips, but I can kabitz ideas with the best of 'em ;)

If you'd be willing to detach and add twin verticle stabs, you could go with a Super-Deformed-sih F-14.

With that KF step, Just what seemed to leep off the airframe.

Could also go with a Macross/Robotech VF-1 Valkyrie paint scheme:
Paint upper step as main wing, draw the legs down the middle and leave the outer part of the bottom step unpainted or black (hinting "pretend it's not there"). similar paintjob on the botom (could build up the fuse, but it's a drag vs. coolness tradeoff.


Hostage Taker of Quads
ah, not cover the plane, but cover the nose.

if you're willing to carve/sand foam:

- stack foam vertically along your horizontal profile, like terraces. make sure you line up the bottom of each foam layer with your profile, not the top. carve them in a bit to get a along the top and bottom to follow how you want the top to slope in.

- Once you've got ones side "terraced", top and bottom, use this and a square strip of flat foam (height = width) and make a template for each layer out of a single piece. drill a pair of small holes for alignment big enough for a pen tip.

- use your template to make two more build pieces (always keep one pattern to cut more).

- on your build pieces, remove the paper from you're new pieces (glues better w/o it and doesn't sand well) pin them together on the alignment marks and glue them together. (do this by halves, with the center seperate)

- once the glue has dried, remove the pins and sand the stepped edges down with a fine sanding block/sponge. take your time on the first pair, and do it till you're happy, not 'till it's perfect. check the left and right sides for consistency as you work

- once you're done, glue left-center-right together on pinned alignments, and do any final sanding.

- paint, attach, fly, break, rebuild!