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I should have known better!!!


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Bought a Polaroid Cube Act II from a US company on Amazon.com
Waited for it to fly over and when it did finally arrive today I discovered that it would not take a charge.
Curiosity got to me so as return would have not been easy, I took it apart.
What did I find?
I found that the two Fuji 240mAh batteries shoehorned Ito this thing had been left discharged so long they had died.
As the picture shows, across two packs wired in parallel I get a total of .3 volts.
These packs are more dead than King Tut.
No more old stock electronics for me!!!
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Ihichi Bolls

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Yeah anything with Lipo power does not age well sitting on shelves.

The nice thing is now that its already apart you can hardwire it into something.:)